About me


Riddhi Roy, the face behind the consulting agency Riddhi Roy believes in the fact –
Brands are not made in heaven. They are built very much by us, to experience and enjoy.”

A professional career which has so many interesting stories that will not just be entertainment, but if shared, it can be a treasure house of learning and inspiration.

Riddhi started her career with an engineering degree and worked in a responsible position for several years in Bangkok for a Thai-Japanese capital equipment company. Her experience of working with diverse industries pan Asia and Europe, she felt more drawn towards business designs and strategies. 

How businesses and persons evoked emotions, how services were turned into ‘experience’ – all these excited her.
She was set on a path to create more meaningful businesses and she chose the branding tool as the ultimate magic wand to do things in a logical way.



She came back to her hometown in India, after over a decade and half being posted in Thailand. It was a tough call to leave a flourishing career and come back to start from scratch. Business was ruthless and success was not easy as you may imagine. It was a great self learning experience and She refused to give up till she could get it ‘right’ in her words. She had a strong feeling, She was there to get something different, something that will help others, something that will be appreciated. There is immense pleasure in being an entrepreneur, even if a small one. She believes in professional identity can win the queen’s crown if one can inspire other to follow her or succeed in her career with Riddhi’s support. 

I believe that we all are great brands, like unpolished diamonds just waiting for the right cut to make us dazzle.

Two things I hold dear in my professional life – branding and technology.

I believe we can get our share of success at work, if we put the best version of ourselves up to perform. After all branding is not about being perfect, it’s about being your best!
Riddhi Roy