Riddhi Roy

When the business name and the person behind it are the same, it’s time to get introduced to Riddhi Roy.

Riddhi is a business consultant and a brand designer. She takes interest in innovative business concepts and how brands are carved out of them. Starting off her career, after completing her engineering, she worked in international business development for several years in South East Asia.

She has seen how different industries work, and the delicacy of business culture in different parts of the world. Working with varied industries spanning over 15 countries, inspired her to come up with her own methods and collection of engaging designs. The journey of a good business to a brand is never random and it’s only intelligent design, that can make one effortless.

Brand making a term she fondly calls her efforts as is the key differentiator for businesses of the future. To her, a perfect blend of the art and science of brand-making is what will make a business sustainable and we as humans will have more enjoyable experiences to cherish as we engage with those brands.

A connoisseur of music and an avid reader, she has been a performer herself. Riddhi has a passion for writing poems and loves exploring the art and literature of any new country she visits.

She believes

Being a complete person is essential to being an engaging personal brand.