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    You can utilise brands as a means of energy conservation?

who we are

Brands Beyond Labels

Effortless appeal to their audience is a characteristic of successful brands. This underscores the power of intentional design in their creation. Effective designs don’t emerge randomly; instead, they result from a thorough exploration of the business, an understanding of customers’ preferences, and the innovative arrangement of design elements.

Passion and empathy play catalysts.

What We Do

Design brands that instantly

An enchanting brand needs to design a meticulous process grounded in strategic thinking and market insights.

It starts with delving into the science of your industry and understanding the nuances that set you apart. 

But we don’t stop there.


“Great brand design transcends visual aesthetics, engaging with a symphony of senses to etch a memorable imprint in the minds of its audience.”

It’s like creating a vibe that stays with you, making you remember it way after you’ve moved on – that’s our hallmark!


How do we make it happen?

  • Meeting of minds, hearts, and expertise.
  • Action packed, eye-openers.
  • Specially for non-marketers.
Consulting Services
  • Business Brand Design
  • Personal Brand Design
  • Rebranding Strategies
Mini Projects
  • Brand business case
  • Reputation Management
  • Brand Value Mapping
  • Brand Equity Valuation
Products & Downloads
  • DIY Brand Journal – Personal Branding
  • Brand Voice Cards
  • E-books
  • Quick downloads

Not only these, find how we can help you

"A great brand looks simple - an ease possible only through thoughtful design."

Riddhi initially pursued engineering studies with the belief – that engineers possess a unique combination of logical thinking and creativity, required for effective design. For over a decade, she immersed herself in traditional industries, worked in factories, and traveled globally, gaining firsthand experience in diverse business processes. Her proficiency in brand design developed through practical, hands-on engagement. 

All of Riddhi’s workshops, products, and consulting methodologies prioritize a systematic approach, leveraging business tools and applying business empathy. The distinctive features of her consulting projects in crafting enjoyable, resilient brands are rooted in two core principles: quantifying progress and incorporating empathy.

Meet Riddhi Roy, the founder, who is a great narrative herself in sculpting a personal brand for professional purposes.

DIY Brand Foundation

Learn how to start the process and carry back the following
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Developing Brand Mindset

Understanding the difference between business and brand.
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Brand Identity

Gets you to start seeking the secret mantra to brand making
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Rebranding Strategies

Redrawing the business map and the brand map.
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Brand Design:Why do you even need it?

Because you dream of an established, renowned brand

Because you need to market yourself

Because you need more sales

Because you wish to generate the greatest amount of impact for business and society

In fact, the whys are endless, and to each his/ her own business plan and requirement.

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