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Planning to get started designing your own brand? Not sure, if you really need one or how to build one? Just drop me your co-ordinates here. We will set up a meeting and discuss with you on your workplace specific issues. Don’t worry, we will not charge you for sharing your contact info 🙂

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    Riddhi Roy as a personal brand consultant may seem new to many. But as a business professional, I have loads to share. I have been into serious corporate role for several years. My engineering business developmental role took me to over 15 countries across Asia-Pacific region. And all these gave me a huge opportunity to observe how different businesses work, perceive how people run their business or work.

    What got me started on the path of  personal branding consulting was the need that I could sense as I travelled on work. People are so capable and sometimes so not ‘visible’ at work. 

    Years of inputs, observation and logical theories of marketing all helped me shape the program of Brand-In-Action. 

    This is not just a self development program or a cosmetic styling session. It’s getting the best of YOU together at your workplace.


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    Take this FREE quiz to find out what sustainable personal branding can mean to your professional lives. Whether you are a small business owner, employee or a freelance professional, irrespective of industry, how branding impacts your performance and success at workplace needs to be assessed.


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    One-on-One Personalised services for clients anywhere in the world, to empower you to feel positive about your brand.



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    Vitality is the region’s first female-focused business accelerator, taking a holistic approach to the empowerment of women, driving success at any stage of the business lifecycle. Vitality offers a wide range of benefits for the smart entrepreneur looking to develop and scale her business, while taking into consideration the many other responsibilities that women juggle whilst successfully building her business.
    Amanda Perry and her team built a consulting practice different from a typical business accelerator to provide individualised acceleration programs designed to meet the specific objectives of the Founders and reach their goals.



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