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Mini Projects

The Ultimate Problem Solver

Why mini-projects?

Mini-projects are the most impactful and strategic consulting intervention a company or an individual can have in brand building. These projects are designed to solve some critical problems or provide direction to a brand in its journey. They are short-term in nature, but very intense in their structure. Interestingly they often provide a fresh new perspective or shape up as a major document for stakeholder communication and engagement.

Ranging from a week to a few months, they are useful at different stages of business. 

Benefits of investing in a business case

Personal Brand Business Case

  • Start with clarity of goals and objectives.
  • Determine strategic direction
  • Identify activities 
  • Allocation of resources
  • Assess risks
  • Monitoring & measuring mechanisms

Developing a business case for building a personal brand is essential for setting clear objectives, guiding strategic decisions, allocating resources effectively, and ensuring long-term success and sustainability of your brand in a competitive market. With each assignment being different, our consulting exercises use a mix of business tools, personal interviews and stakeholder mapping to draw the most effective business case for your brand.

A brief list of deliverables:

  • Initial Assessment Report
  • Brand Identity Development
  • Communication Strategy
  • Social Media & Collateral Design
  • Implementation Roadmap
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Brand Book

A brand book goes beyond mere marketing—it embodies the soul of your business, serving as a guiding light for operations and a means to authentically communicate your essence to the world. It encapsulates the true essence of your business, surpassing the mere process of branding.

Brand books designed by us, encapsulate the philosophy, evolution, and desired impact of your brand. This comprehensive document is crafted to communicate the core ethos of your brand to all stakeholders, evoking their emotions and aligning them with your vision.

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Brand Statement

  • Establishes clear connection with audience
  • Highlights uniqueness in a competitive landscape
  • Internal alignment of an organisation with overarching business philosphies

A brand statement is essential for shaping and maintaining a brand’s identity, positioning, and perception in the marketplace. It is a concise expression of your brand’s purpose and value, making it a fundamental asset for any business or organization.

Creating a brand statement is an important exercise in defining and articulating the essence of a brand. To undertake a mini project focused on crafting a brand statement, you can follow these steps:

  • Research
  • Brainstorm
  • Drafting a framework
  • Feedback
  • Refinement and introduction
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