Implementation Strategies

Smart ways of visual representation

  • Creating formats of visual representation suited to your brand imagery
  • How to create such visual elements depending on forms of media to use
  • How to create relation between your visual representation and the message you wish to convey – online and offline.

Social media design and management

  • Identifying your social media strategy – which media formats to be used
  • Understanding the operational difference of each platform and customizing content
  • Development of website – website content planning
  • Choosing elements or associations that relate to your brand
  • Complete social media management – providing relevant analytics.

Podcasting Solutions

  • Personal (professional) / Corporate / Industry based podcast designs
  • From conceptualizing, content creation, execution to promotion

Brand Management & forecasting

  • Creating a complete review mechanism to see how different modes of brand representation is performing and checking coherence
  • Benchmarking similar sized/industry brands – trends analysis.
  • Identifying areas of opportunity for brand growth
  • Creating system to capture brand repositioning requirements, sustainability check
  • Industry/peer group equity measurement metrics