Brand Design

Brand Review – “As-Is” study

  • Find the current brand image your audience has about you / your business.
  • Stakeholder engagement.
  • Identifying if your brand is meeting expectations – yours and your customers.
  • How are doing compared to your peers.

Rebranding design strategy

  • Defining what your wish to achieve out of your brand – desired brand impact
  • Justify your desired imagery
  • Creating a brand image forecast/blueprint
  • How to set triggers that – why, when, how to rebrand?

Sustainability Engineering in brand design

  • Developing your branding system
  • Risk assessment
  • Scenario analysis – brand competition
  • Ability to reinvent your brand under evolving global context

Brand Audit & Equity Analysis

  • Making a business case of your brand
  • Quantifying your brand value – as perceived
  • Benchmarking against competition
  • Auditing performance of branding mechanisms in place – social media, reputation, perception amongst different stakeholder groups.