We all have heard about superheroes, but how often have you come across supermoms?

The story of Lama Andari is beyond inspirational. After losing her first husband to cancer, her first child in her second marriage was detected with deadly leukemia. Most would consider this the end of the world. But braveheart Lama decided to face it head on…

Superkids Fighting Cancer

Social Enterprises in UAE

Social causes are at the heart of nation-building in UAE with several initiatives adopted by the government. A supportive environment encourages others willing to contribute to causes of social concern.

UAE leads amongst others when it comes to care

The advent of

Abtaluna is a platform dedicated to helping families with children who find themselves suddenly reeling when faced with the devastating diagnosis of cancer. Unique by design, the social enterprise is a ray of hope and promise to many.

Superheroes belong to Supermoms

A Brand on the

Abtaluna is all set to be a brand in the making. It stands out, due to its sheer simplicity; free from the usual clamor of glitz and glamour, normal to other businesses. It is more of a social crusade and intervention which makes it more impactful.

A brand that shows hope for future

Abtaluna meaning Our Superheroes in Arabic was born out of a desire to support cancer patients after having experienced massive trials and tribulations and undergoing inexplicable trauma herself with her own child. 

It can never be done alone. The families, especially the mothers of kids detected with cancer have a tough battle to fight. It needs a lot of mental strength. We need to come together and share our stories, raise awareness and fight it, till we make it. -Lama Andari

Sometimes, circumstances lead us to a fork in our lives, changing our direction and fate forever. That is how some superheroes take birth and evolve. 

They do not have special powers as we often think but possess a special ‘something’ which they hone into a specialized skill. In turn, this helps them to make the world a better place. Such is the story of a supermom Lama Andari, mother to 4-year-old Super Sam, whose trials and life lessons urged her to forge a unique track for herself – Abtaluna- a possible future social enterprise and brand that has captured our attention with a need to share the story with all.

A platform with a difference

Abtaluna is a brand built around a social cause – a platform dedicated to helping families with children who find themselves suddenly reeling when faced with the devastating diagnosis of cancer. It provides a space for empathetic individuals to identify, relate and connect with others who have experienced/are experiencing similar hurdles.

It would be incorrect to conclude that this is a one-of-a-kind initiative because a close survey of the social intervention landscape in UAE reveals a few definite characteristics:-

  • Huge effort on the part of the government to conduct such initiatives
  • Innovative CSR programs organized by mindful corporates

However, what makes Lama Andari’s enterprise different is the zeal and passion with which she leads it. She has successfully created a distinctive brand model to voice the stories of both children and their parents and created a support platform for affected families with a mindfully chosen design that is no short of a corporate structure with empathy at its heart.

What is novel about Abtaluna as a social enterprise?

  • The niche – pediatric cancer
  • It is the only entity in the UAE that is purely dedicated to childhood cancer

How does it work?

Abtaluna organizes events in Dubai and offers unique services to the suffering kids who are true superheroes and their families.

  • Raises awareness about pediatric cancer
  • Acts as a database for families, such as oncologists, hospitals, etc.
  • Facilitates free-of-charge counseling sessions for patients and their families  dealing with the trauma

So,what is Ms. Andari's primary objective?

Initially, Ms. Andari indicated that she wants to raise awareness about childhood cancer and involve the community in playing their role in supporting their Super Kids and their families through partnerships and campaigns.

She has recently published a children’s book called ‘Super Kids’ which narrates the story of ‘Super Sam.’ Super Sam is a character inspired by her son and his friends as they go on the journey fighting cancer. Through the story at the Superhero Headquarters, the readers learn about ten unique rooms that positively impact children’s treatments. 

Realizing that being vocal by herself and going digital is just a part of the entire project, she has started actively working with partners and collaborators, who, in her own words, needed to be ‘relevant, supportive and ethical.’

What steps has Abtaluna taken to achieve this?

An in-depth analysis reveals that Abtaluna already has a distinct online and offline brand design.

  • The choice of Super Sam, a child with a yellow cape (because yellow is the symbol for childhood cancer), is the mascot of the initiative
  • The subtle design and simplicity of Abtaluna’s social handles
  • The launch event of the initiative and book receiving the support of the Al Jalila Foundation, UAE, enhancing the credibility and exposure of the initiative. Also part of the book’s proceeds will be donated to Al Jalila to cover the expenses of childhood cancer treatments for children who could not afford them.
  • The idea of publishing a book designed to capture the essence of the cause

What concerns and drawbacks can prove to be hindrances?

Like any other business, the social enterprise is not free from risks and threats.

  • Keeping to the momentum of the initiative
  • Consistency is an inherent requirement for any brand
  • The choice of partners is a critical element to the success of such sensitive causes

These, however, can ring true for any brand; and Abtaluna being a brand-new kid on the block, it’s too early to act as judge, jury, and executioner just by these parameters.


One may be curious about why we have chosen to put this brand on our watch list. Well, first and foremost, for the simplicity of its brand design elements, genuine aspects of its communication, and heartfelt social impact. Undoubtedly, some organizations work to support cancer patients in Dubai. Still, there is a lack of dedicated efforts for pediatric cancer. Currently, social interventions in the field of cancer as a whole are just not enough. So, it is this visible gap in the so-called market which Ms. Andari has recognized as an area of empathetic and impactful intervention, fuelled by her personal experience, which has set her on a mission to succeed.

Support and show your love for this heroic initiative.