Brand behaviour

We are all on different folds of a pandemic wave. At some point of time, some are on the top of the wave, as we watch them dumbfounded and sometimes it is us at the peak of the disaster. But it goes without saying – we are all on the same boat brother!!

Mental health professionals have already confirmed that the death toll pandemic has cost us or the people affected by the virus is negligible compared to the impact it has so far in devastating our mental health. Even the sanest and most sensible professional, at some point or the other has questioned self – will me, my business and my family be spared?

What is professionalism today?

Testing times for mankind and a tougher test for personal brands.Let us revisit a very basic topic – being professional. What does it call for? Or rather how do you define it in the current perspective?

It definitely includes your domain knowledge, your analytical skills, being punctual with commitments and many more elements.Above all in current context, professional empathy is a major ingredient to a well balanced professional brand.

So getting back to the current situation, there are two ways to interpret and react accordingly. Some say, since the world is in deep gloom, sharing some great achievements or milestones achieved is a way to cheer people around. The other school of thought says, since so many are in pain, let’s be in sympathy and tone our achievements.

Recently many celebrities vacationing in luxurious destinations, leaving behind their miserable home cities were terribly trolled for being insensitive. Even international sports tournaments which are major entertainers and stress busters have come under scathing criticism.

So how should my brand behave?

Is being happy a crime suddenly? Or only by appearing sad will prove us empathetic?

Well, honestly none of them are! You do need good vibes around to pull you out of a depressive environment and at the same time, when your family is in distress nothing seems to be of color.

A personal brand demonstrates a balance. Perhaps a few tips can get help you get ideas for your own brand.

  1. Choice of words – sharing a positive or a negative development. The choice of words and the structure of a message can make all the difference. So if something is important to be shared, go ahead, but keep the mood in mind.
  2. Important – this is a vital criteria. Make a wise selection, if the announcement is really important. While a new client added or some major client loss is an important piece of communication, gauge before – what impact this may have on the morale of others around. Hiding information is a crime, but be wise and choose what to publish and what not!
  3. Choice of channels of communication. If a piece of news is important, will selectively sharing it be enough? Just because you are a technology empowered creature, don’t go about on every broadcast list if this can be avoided.
  4. Avoid sharing baseless personal celebrations on social platforms including professional ones. People under stress (not necessarily in personal crisis but just depressed with the world around) may read you wrong as being insensitive and you will land up in their list of ‘wrong people’ unknowingly.
  5. Trying to sound supportive and cheering others, does not necessarily have to be loud. Even a simple whatsapp message to a colleague or business contact of yours like “Don’t worry,we will sail through” can have a major morale boosting effect than posting flashy images with high level cosmic advice of staying strong.

Being human

We claim ourselves to be human – time to give evidence! The crisis has never been as massive ever in the lives of all of us alive in current times.None of us have witnessed the pandemic 100 years back. We are faced with something new and we are all collectively trying to figure out a solution that saves the entire planet.

Be a brand people will admire, look up to, have faith and above all feel one with. Remember, the crisis will subside. But how your brand evolves and creates its impression in the minds of others will depend on the way you script your story.

Be a brand in action, being honest, responsible and definitely empathetic.