Is personal branding a celebrity habit?

It definitely is! All celebrities do have a strong personal brand. But all strong personal brands need not be celebrities necessarily.

Have you ever given a thought – what made the celebrity brands so gorgeous and popular? Were they born so glamorous?

  • The glamour and shine are just a presentation of their celebrityhood. Be it a sportsperson, movie-star, talk show anchor,author,politician,CEO, entrepreneur – they are excellent at something in particular.
  • They do the same thing ‘good’ or even ‘better’ every time but never get bored. They do not confuse us doing different things every day, rather they do the same thing differently to keep their audience engaged.
  • They work hard (physically and intellectually) to keep their brand status quo.

As a professional (say employee, entrepreneur or freelancer) we keep grumbling:

  1. Oh! I don’t get enough appreciation from my management or my team members don’t listen to me.
  2. I have such a brilliant idea, but no investor seems to like it enough.

Think deep – why should they? 

Are you able to convey yourself with the same passion and interest as you convince yourself? Wait, have a rehearsal. Do you think you are convincing enough to yourself?  

Maybe you speak well, dress well or have deep subject knowledge. But do they all come together and manifest the way your audience would like them to or you just go by what you think is the best version!

The problem is you see yourself too long in the mirror! WHAT!! Should I not look at myself and rehearse often in front of the mirror? 

If you really want to be an exciting brand – don’t.

Replace the mirror with a transparent glass window with your audience on the other side. Think, design, practice and show-up in front of them to check their reaction. Brands are born in action; brands are made by your audience – they are not made in isolation.

What do we like most about the celebrities? Is it only their movies, a game or a speech? We love their stories! Their tales of struggle, what got them there, how they plan and work to keep their celebrity following intact. and so on. 

Do you really have that story to tell? Can you excite and engage your audience in the way they would like to?

It’s not about numbers, it’s not about how long you are into the trade (seniority is a delicate element) – it’s about how convincing, real and worthwhile you sound and behave.

So, when are you replacing the mirror?