Anatomy of an Asian Personal brand

Brands are the ultimate expression of logic and creativity. There is nothing called a random design, there can be elements of randomness to evoke the required ‘life’ in a brand.

Now let’s take a look at Asia. It’s just another landmass, quite populated, vibrant with its own variety of culture, food and ways of life. But why it becomes a sudden topic of interest? Perhaps its unique philosophy – a mix of the ancient and modernity.


As we look deep into personal brands from the East, we cannot ignore the strong flavor of spices of a different sort! Spices called empathy, obedience. The very essence of the brand in most cases is ‘family first’. It’s intriguing to see how Asian personal brands who are assumed here to be professionally accomplished show the unique balance of both worlds – home and work.

Some opine, generalising Asia as one, is being unjust to the variety it offers. True! And as I was one those fortunate few who was born in one of the most glamorous Asian nation, and then travelled and interacted with nearly fifteen of such vibrant Asian nations – I know the warmth of green tea, the tangy Thai soup, mouth-watering Laksa to the taste of Sri Lankan hoppers!

Many predict – the future lies with Asia. But however flat an organization gets; we still receive seniors with folded hands and heads bowing down. No other culture in the world has words like ‘grenchai’ – a Thai word meaning consideration, used often even in business (the translation does not adequately capture the original meaning in its local culture though).

Some defining traits in an Asian personal brand may be noted as:

  • Immense dedication to work (Japan is famous for extended working hours for instance) which can be interpreted as tenacity and passion.
  • Sense of obedience to seniors.
  • Higher levels of empathy – trying to accommodate other’s perspectives.
  • Emotions, social bonds play high.

If you are a professional and in the conscious process of designing your brand or even if you are reinventing your already established brand – visit Asian brands. Make more professional network with Asian businesses. I’m sure, you will have something new to inspire you every time.